The Universe is a source of love and energy from which we
can all draw. Our helpers the Angels are ready
to guide us on our path.

Who I am

My name is Esther Elias, Medium. I am blessed to be of service and to pass on messages from the Universe. From childhood this is very normal for me, my second nature. My gift is not derived from or supported by study and / or courses.

My mission

How beautiful it would be if everyone could open that hatch to that other dimension to become the most beautiful version of themselves.

What I do

My specialisation is written readings. I have the ability of automatic script and sketching.


In a written Reading you will receive a personal message from an Angel. A sketch describes character traits, emotions and details. Both can provide balance, insight, personal growth and solution of any blockages (healing).

Nearly always dearly departed people present themselves during the session. They make contact with me and I pass on their message.

Looking back in this or in a previous life (regression)

Sometimes there's something that needs to be cleaned up in our system, something that's holding us back in our lives now. During a consultation it may be necessary to look back. Only if desired can a short regression in the form of meditation release what we no longer need in this life.


Would you like a short consultation? Do you have a quick question? A reading of half an hour is also possible. Only via video calling or telephone. Costs 30,-....

Everyone is welcome again in my practice, provided no corona-related complaints. At the moment I only receive people on Friday afternoons and Saturdays! Sessions on the other days will go online. This does not affect the quality....

If you have sent me an email via the contact form and have not received an answer within two days, send me a text message or a Whatsapp message. Of course you can always call me! +31651300896 ...

More and more often I get the question whether a Reading can also be done by phone, via skype, zoom, teams or via facetime. Of course that's possible! Do you want to know more? Send me a message....

Would you like to give someone a gift certificate for a Reading? Gift vouchers are available from 15,00 ....

This is given by Karin Vink and myself. Personal messages from the Angels. What can you expect? We provide a special space by using Angel stones such as Selenite and Celestien. These special stones radiate a special energy. We start pulling ...

Who i can help

People with different issues come my way. I coach young to old, in the broadest sense of the word. If there are questions regarding children, it is not necessary for me to see the children personally. I also work through the parents/carers.

Gift Card

“Would you like to give someone a reading? Give a nice voucher! ”.


The duration of a reading is about one hour; this takes place on location in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. The reading can also be given at your home, for this I charge a small amount for travel costs. A Skype or telephone reading is also possible.


Reading € 55, -
Reading via Skype, Facetime or by telephone € 55.
To be paid in advance by bank transfer.



An appointment can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance.

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