Angel Reading Workshop

This is given by Karin Vink and myself. 

Personal messages from the Angels.

What can you expect? 

We provide a special space by using Angel stones such as Selenite and Celestien. These special stones radiate a special energy. We start by drawing an Angel card. Karin will do a reading for you as a result. 

In the meantime I make a sketch. It describes emotions, character traits and personal details. A sketch can provide balance, insight, personal growth and resolve any blockages. It is also possible that deceased loved ones present themselves who pass on messages.

Karin then does a guided Angel meditation, in which you are connected with your Angel. During the mediation I write a personal message from an Archangel (automatic writing) for everyone.

After the Angel Reading it is possible to purchase a stone (rough piece, polished piece or pendant).

The costs of the workshop are € 45,00 per person.

To register, send an e-mail to Karin Meeng . 

This Angel Reading Workshop can also be provided at your home on request. Minimum 4, maximum 8 people. For less than 4 people, ask Karin about the possibilities. At more than 15 km. single journey from Sprang-Capelle travel costs are charged. A quotation is always made in advance.